Surviving in a Covid-19 Reality: Understanding Needs versus Wants.

by Marsha Glover

On my recent trip to the African Savanah our guide told us a story of being chased by lions while he was on foot on Safari. He told us prior that if you ever come face to a predator like a lion or a leopard don’t run stand still and he will go right past you. He continue to say that Lions and leopards in that region don’t eat humans but they’re hunters so running makes you prey. We of course asked the question, now that he charged at you what do you do? The answer was you will never out run a lion, but what you can do is run and while running strip off your personal items one by one and throw it behind you. The items will be a distraction to the lion and provide you time to move ahead to safety. If you know me, you know I believe life is full of metaphors. A deeper meaning and lesson to life events. I wasn’t clear on the lesson behind the lion chase at first. Partly secondary to all the news of the Coronavirus back home. While on a 15 hour flight back to the US, I watched several movies, more movies than I probably watched in the last 6 months.

Fun Fact- Lions sleep most of the day to hunt at Night.. Picture taken by Mua!

One of the movies I watched was “Ford versus Ferrari’’. The movie told the story of Henry Ford the 2nd seeking to build a faster car than Enzo Ferrari, the maker of Ferrari. Ford 2nd hired the best engineers to accomplish doing so. The lead engineer told him in order to make a car go fast they would have to get rid of the excess parts, (anything that didn’t require to car to move or stop safely). Making the car lighter ultimately makes the car faster. That’s when it darned on me! We live in a culture believes that for us to go further we need more when the reality is to survive you need less. Too much weighs you down and prevents acceleration. Now the first thought to anyone like me that love luxury is “that means I have to give up… “ no luxury does not mean excess. The Ferrari is considered a luxury car In the movie as in life you learned that Ferrari makes less cars than Ford because they’re hand made and a lot of details go into the car. Luxury to me is like Art, the beauty is in the details. I don’t want to digress because I can when we talk luxury…

Just as I believe the Lion story is a metaphor, I believe Covid 19 can be looked as a metaphor. Quarantine has forced us to strip the excess and rely on our basic needs, food, shelter, water and clothing, (I also believe love and laughter should be added to basic needs). I laughed at the news I heard of stocking up on toilet tissue while I was leaving South Africa to return to the states. While on Safari we witnessed a Buffalo using a tree to what appeared as cleaning his “ass”, well that’s what my friends joked about. However, we also witnessed elephants using water to wash each other. My point- There was no toilet tissue in the Savannah but the animals have survived for years. We as a cultures have to get back to what it truly takes to survive. Focusing more on needs versus wants. Realizing that needs are basic and wants are truly an excess. 

Back to Basics- South Africa Savanah


LOVE a Basic Need in my Book
Laughter also… Kruger Park South Africa


  • Ryan Glover March 30, 2020 at 9:08 am

    Well done M!

    • Tyra Hart March 31, 2020 at 6:22 pm

      Love all of this content! Thank you!

      • Marsha Chin-Glover April 29, 2020 at 6:55 am

        Thank you for reading! Hope you and your family remain safe in these uncertain times.

  • Meka March 30, 2020 at 1:54 pm

    Great read! Love the metaphor’s and how everything ties together.

    • Marsha Chin-Glover April 29, 2020 at 7:06 am

      Thank you for reading! My high school teacher Ms. Young would be proud that you noticed that from my writing 🙂 She thought me metaphors and that the world is cyclical, everything does tie together…


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